Farzana Haq v Government of Bangladesh, (1991)11 BLD 553

Case LawFacts of the case:
In Farzana Haq v Government of Bangladesh, (1991)11 BLD 553 case Sanaul Huq Niru was arrested and detained first on 13th September 1987 under SPA. His detention order was challenged and the Court directed that the detention order was illegal and ordered the release of the detainee. He was not released rather a fresh detention order was passed against him under section 3 of the Special Powers Act,1974. The same drama was repeated several times and ultimately his detention came up before a Division Bench of the High Court Division.
The Court ordered the detaining authority to pay regard to the order of the Court It decided that the detention was illegal and the detainee should be set at liberty forthwith. And this time the order war complied with by the detaining authority.

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