Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: History of Consumer Rights 

Chapter 3: Present Condition of Consumer Protection in Bangladesh

Chapter 4: Legal Mechanisms to Protect Consumer Rights in Bangladesh 

Chapter 5: Practical Approach to Protect Consumer Rights in Bangladesh 

Chapter 6: General Conclusion


Bangladesh is a small country with a huge population. Most densely populated country with a large number of consumers. Consumer means the person who use or consume any product or goods in exchange of price .Though Bangladesh achieved independent 45 years back but it can’t reach in a mentionable level in protecting consumer right. Consumers are very much neglected here from their right. Though there are a lot of organization works here for monitoring human right s situations but none are eager for protecting consumer rights and that’s why consumer rights situation are not paid enough importance here. There is only one concerned organization namely Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB) which alone are not sufficient. Consumers are not aware of their own right as seen in the developed country. Recently govt. has passed The Consumer Rights Protection Act 2009 and Formalin Control Act 2015 in this regard but the situation is mostly the same as in the past for the apathy of the relevant authority.

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