6.1 Introduction

In this part we are going to discuss the outcome of study. After the vigilant observation we find some drawbacks and loophole in the field of consumer protection law. Subsequently, we provide some recommendation so that the concern authority can get guideline to manage the issue in future.

The Consumer Rights Protection Department; National Consumer Rights Protection Council; Special Tribunal;

 Mobile Court; Drug Court; Food Special Court; Ordinary Criminal Courts;  Ordinary Civil Courts;  Marine Courts;  BSTI;  Claims Tribunal etc. along with different private organizations are working in the consumer rights protection movement. Unfortunately it is true that only Mobile Court (run by executive) among the above mention intuitions is invoice to protect the consumer rights. Besides these BSTI just carrying out its office duty to protect consumer rights in little extent.

6.2 Findings of the Study

The major finding of the study is known more and more about the consumer rights in Bangladesh and which consumer’s rights are violated in Bangladesh. That is verifying important for me as a law student. I also learn about the definitions of consumer rights and other important which is related with this topic. I also fined the various laws of the consumer’s rights in Bangladesh and it has many drawbacks. That is lack of enforcement and the laws are not sufficient for protect the consumer’s rights. The lack of education and lack of Security for consumer is the main problem and also the outcome for consumer’s rights. We also find this topic about the various concept of consumer’s rights and sources of law, & elements. I also recommended some significant steps for the problem of my research topic.

Thus, we may conclude that consumer protection is a wide field, covering a diverse range of laws and policies. It includes such topics as the regulation of market-place relations (contract terms, advertising, selling, buying), the establishment of health and safety standards for products sold to consumers, and regulation of the provision of certain services (credit, professions, public services etc.). In short, consumer protection law is designed to protect citizens/consumers against injuries though to occur in unregulated markets.

6.3 Recommendations                                              

The suggestion of my legal research focus on increase the consumer’s rights, how to protect the consumer’s rights,& and what should be proper legal approach in perspective of Bangladesh. That’s discussed in the research now here stated the key point there as follows. This enumeration of the types of action needed to promote consumers interests provides an accurate direction of the fields in which consumer law should come to vividly play, foremost among which are:

  1. The government body as a vital catalyst of social maintenance has to be come forward by formulate effective policies on which consumers can really protect.
  2. The law which would be formulated in future on consumer rights must be in the lights of present needs and demands of society.
  3. Protection against risks of physical injury to persons or property and against useless products.
  4. Protection against improper marketing measures and inadequate information.
  5. Protection against one-sided contract terms and risks of economic damage,
  6. Provision of effective and impulsive dispute resolution procedures for the consumer.
  7. Monitoring of the mechanism whereby prices and rates are fixed on the consumer goods and services market,
  8. Surveillance of practices or agreements jeopardizing the competitive structure of a market sector,
  9. Planning of a consumer education programmed.
  10. Making awareness within people through different program arranged by the NG0,s
  11. Establishing a legal framework for the achievement and maintenance of a consumer market that is fair, accessible, efficient, sustainable and responsible for the benefit of consumers generally;
  12. Reducing and ameliorating any disadvantages experienced in accessing any supply of goods or services by specified categories of consumers;
  13. Provide for improved standards of customer information, harmonization of consumer laws, and the establishment of the National Consumer Commission

Subsequently it draw positive attention in the developing countries as well. Almost all the countries now have consumer protection laws. The rights of consumers got international recognition when in 1985 the UN adopted the basic guidelines for consumer rights protection. The guidelines declare that ‘all citizens, regardless of their incomes or social standing, have basic rights as consumers.

6.4 Conclusion

In conclusion, we are in opinion that, the consumers of Bangladesh are mostly honest & simple and they critically need a broad of consumer protection legislation. So, the government of Bangladesh is required to enact a widespread Consumer Protection Act as quickly as possible and advance strictly ensures the efficient execution of such legislation. The execution of consumer related law is urgently required than the others field of law because the consumer related incidents are happening, even in a every second  We should always remember that an efficient consumer protection legislation for people not only protects and elevate the immunities and happiness of its consumers, but it also enhance definite socio-economic scrutiny of its macro economy, such as scarcity alleviation, adequate, transparent  and fair market policy, good governance and beyond all, socio-economic impartiality for its citizens. Many declare as, our current law is out of dated, not capable to take care of the consumers, defective and doesn’t meet the current necessities. Therefore, enactment of new legal structure is a must. Yet, one may query, how far the endorsement of new law will in some real sense explain the current consumer shake? If the already obtainable law is not completely imposed then how come we can look forward that the new law will protect our customers and their privileges properly improved than today. Modernized consumer rights protection law and proper execution of such law only the way to uphold the dignity and safety of Bangladeshi consumers.



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