5.1 Introduction

The Bangladeshi laws provides for the establishments of different organizations to protect the rights of the consumers including various Courts or Tribunals such as-

  • Consumer Rights Protection Department;
  • National Consumer Rights Protection Council;
  • Special Tribunal;

(iv)     Mobile Court (can work/ function under various  Laws; It may be constituted by a special executive order);

  • Drug Court;
  • Food Special Court;
  • Ordinary Criminal Courts;
  • Ordinary Civil Courts;
  • Marine Courts;
  • BSTI;

5.2 Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB)

Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB)[1], is a nongovernment, non-political and non-profit voluntary organization. It was established in February 1978. The association plays a vital role in promoting and protecting consumer rights in Bangladesh. Its main goal is to protect the rights and interests of consumers as well as to educate them on about their rights and responsibilities in order to be a wise consumer. CAB provides legal assistance and advice to consumers whose rights have been violated. In essence, CAB is working towards ensuring consumers and businessmen will have a safe, fair and competitive marketplace.

 5.3 The Aims and Objectives of CAB:

  • To generate awareness amongst the consumers on their internationally recognized rights and responsibilities as consumers.[2]
  • Encourage and help develop consumer associations and consumer activist groups at the district and rural levels.
  • Provide mediation and legal support to aggrieved consumers.
  • Undertake research and studies on consumer issues, challenges and problems.
  • Developing understanding and partnerships with different groups, associations, institutions, NGOs and government departments and services in furtherance to the welfare of the general consumers in the country.
  • To develop and foster contacts and liaison with the national and international organizations having similar objectives.
  • Testing products and services regularly to ensure market place is safe and consumer friendly.

5.4 How CAB Helps Consumers[3]

  • CAB has its own complaint cell. An aggrieved consumer, whose right has been violated, may submit a complaint via post, email or in person. After receiving the complaint, CAB investigates the matter and provides redress in the form of settlement through negotiation and mediations between the parties. Legal assistance is sometimes provided to the aggrieved consumers.[4]
  • CAB monitors prices of essential goods in the market on regular basis and publishes the price list through media for convenience and knowledge of the consumers.

5.6 Conclusion

The rights consumer is now recognized all over the world. The protection of these rights is gained reasonableness.  if the authority abide by the suggestion given here, the scenario of protection of consumers rights will be changed rapidly in Bangladesh.


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