RESEARCH MONOGRAPG: Position of Nominee and Legal Heir in Statutory Laws of Bangladesh and Muslim Law of Succession



Al- Hedaya – a book of Muslim sharia law compiled by Al-Murghinani
Al- Mirath – Arabic term of inheritance
Ashaba – residuary
Bonafide- – real not false
Fara’id – Arabic term of inheritance
Hanafi law – a principle of Sunni law
Hiba – Arabic term of gift
Hiba-bil-Awaz – Arabic term meaning of which is a gift for a consideration
Injunction – order
Sahriah – the set of canonical laws of Islam
Shia law – a sect of Muslims who admit Hazrat Ali (AR) is only khalif/imam of Muslims after Hazrat Muhammad (s.w.m.)
Sirajiyyah – the book of inheritence
Sunni law – a sect of Muslims who admit Hazrat Muhammad (s.w.m.) is the last prophet and who support the election method of determining the Khalifa(imam/leader)
Surut hal – a technical word used in law meaning of which the condition of the body
Takaful – Islamic insurance system
Viz. – used to introduce a list of things that explain something more clearly or are given as example
Wasiyah – Arabic term of will
Zavaul-ul-arham – distant kindred
Zavaul-ul-furuz – Qur’anic sharers/ fixed sharers




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Bangladesh Constitution, 1972

The Insurance Act 2010(Act No. XIII of 2010)

The Rajshahi University Act, 1973(Act No. XXVI of 1973)

The Dhaka University Order, 1973, (President’s Order No. 11 of 1973)

The Provident Funds Act, 1925, (Act NO. XIX of 1925)

The Post Office National Saving Certificates Ordinance, 1944, (Ordinance No. XLII of 1944)

Co-operative Societies Act 2001(Act No. XLVII of 2001)

Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, (Ordinance No. VIII of 1961)

The Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1937 (Act No. XXVI of 1937)

Laws Continuance Enforcement Order, 1971 (issued on 10th April 1971)

The Insurance Act (India1938

Civil Law Act (Malaysia) 1956

The Married Women’s Property Act (UK) 1882

Bombay Co-operative Society Act (India1927

Insurance Act (Malaysia) 1996


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Case List

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Re Engelbach’s State, Libbetts v. Engelbach

Cathe’s v Commissioner of Stamp Duties


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